Beautiful day of the women it mean Bride


When a woman is at full age, she must get married. The married woman is called the bridegroom. The ideal age limit for a woman is between the age of 19 and 25. When a woman engages in engagement, her husband should be older than the woman.
It will help a successful marriage. When you marry the bride with the groom According to legal and religious rituals, marriage takes place. The bride promises to live happily with the bridegroom.


A woman performs a wedding in a bride. There is a lot of work done there. Some of these are:

  • Making the bride’s head.
  • The bride’s blossom.
  • Bride’s footwear.
  • Bride’s sari.
  • The bride’s dress.
  • The bride’s ring.
  • Beautifying the bride’s nails.
  • Bride Jewelry
  • The bride’s teeth
  • Bride’s lips
  • The bride’s face
  • The bride’s skin
  • The bride’s dance
  • The bride’s journey
  • Bride’s underwear
  • The bride’s food
  • The bride’s friend
    Etc. A large amount of work pertaining to the bride is to be looked at.

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